Would Jesus be a Christian today?

Seeing through fake Christianity
Youth evening fest
Friday 2 June
Dr. Sam Chan
Heyward Hall, Forde

Jesus, look at the church!

If Jesus is so loving, why is the church so unloving?
Business & PS breakfast
Monday 5 June
Dr. Sam Chan
Pavilion on Northbourne, Dickson

God, the world is a mess!

If there is a loving God, why is there so much pain?
Business & PS breakfast
Tuesday 6 June
Dr. Sam Chan
EQ Cafe, Deakin

Jesus! What have you got to offer?

What hope in a world of fake news and failed leaders?
Main event
Thursday 8 June
Dr. Sam Chan and actors from CADA
Light refreshments included
Old Parliament House

Presenter:  Dr Sam Chan
Sam Chan (PhD, TEDS) is a global citizen – born in Hong Kong, graduated from medicine in Sydney and theology PhD in Chicago. He is a cultural analyst, ethicist and ex-rugby player! Sam loves dabbling in mid-life crisis activities. He enjoys working as a medical doctor as well as speaking to high-schoolers, professionals, seminary students and academics.